The Irresistable Pull of piCture pOlish Gravity


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Happy Wednesday, polish lovers!  I hope you all are hanging in there well during that mid-week slump, I know I’m trying to!  I just finished up my weekly ritual of watching Drag Race with my friend Carrie and am so glad that one of my girls lip-synced the house DOWN!  Any of you fans?  Do you have your favorites picked out for this season?  Tell me all about it!

As I promised on Monday, today’s post is one of the goodies I received in my nail mail arrival.  Ben’s favorite was Gravity and we’ve been anxious to receive it since we first saw it.  Gravity is a very sheer multichrome polish with a scattered holo.  It shifts from shades of inky blue and purple to magenta and a golden tone, and the scattered holo sparkles create the effect of gazing into celestial skies.  Since it requires undies to really get the full effect, there was much testing on nail wheels once it got here!  As much as I wanted to toy with it over something other than black, it ended up having the best look.  I used one coat of a-England The Knight, two coats of an unnamed black Ted Baker polish that Ben’s mom gifted me from England, two coats of piCture pOlish Gravity to get that intense color shift effect, and a topcoat of a-England The Shield.  Let me tell you, I am not yet a pro with perfect application when it comes to black polish, so I spent a lot of time trying to get perfect curves along the cuticle lines.  This cleanup was time consuming!  I honestly rarely need to do cleanup, it’s normally just enough to do an easy edge clean with my thumbnail as I go…  But black is a different story.  I got it to look pretty good, though!  I was also a bit worried that I wasn’t going to be able to capture the color shifts as well as I’d hoped but when I reviewed my pictures I was pleasantly surprised.  As a warning, I was so pleased that this is a very photo heavy blog post!

Indoors…  Still not my favorites.  I gotta get on that light box!
picturepolish-gravity-indoorspicturepolish-gravity-indoors2And the sunlight pictures are just fantastic.  It’s truly a cosmic experience!
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A Juicy Zoya Apple for Spring


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llarowe-fragileAhhhh!  So the mail I received today when I got off work from my crazy early shift (5am-1:30pm!) was enough to make any polish lover have a squee fit.  Suddenly I was no longer tired but rejuvenated to play with polish!  You see, I had just received an order of four indie polishes from Llarowe.  I’m pretty spoiled…  See, I’ve got another order from Llarowe that just shipped today.  Remember the restock on Colors by Llarowe polishes I was talking about on Friday?  Yeah, I definitely loaded up.  It had to be pretty comical to see.  Our friend Sarah and I were huddled at her laptop in the coffee shop that evening, watching her rapidly draining battery life and the clock to see if we could get polishes snagged in time.  Not only were we excited with the polish snipping adrenaline of a restock, but also with the limitations of a battery, haha!  It was fun to share with a polish lover I’m dragging into the world of indies, as it was her first time racing the clock to see if she could score what she and countless others wanted. ♥  Oh, the bonding of polish…

NailMailSo to keep the suspense down, here are the beauties I got today!  Three piCture pOlish goodies and one Hare Polish…  I won’t insult your intelligence by naming the piCture pOlish colors, but the Hare Polish is Star Tropics.  I can’t wait to play with all of these!  We already tested them out on a nail wheel and trust me, there are no disappointments here.  If sunny weather permits, expect to see one on Wednesday’s blog post.

Since I seem to be developing a running theme of indies here lately, I decided that today’s color should be a store brand.  I don’t always show them as much love, but there are some out there that still really impress me!  If you’re as obsessed as I and some of my friends, you may already have an guess for today’s shade.  Hint hint, check out my thumbnail on the package picture!  Enough already?  I’m sharing Apple by Zoya today, a really gorgeous green.  It has a very sheer green-tinted base filled with a microglitter that shifts from a rather light yellow-green to a vibrant emerald.  The formula is fairly thin and watery but extremely easy to work with.  It builds nicely and creates a foil effect for an absolutely lovely finish.  I used one coat of a-England The Knight as my base, three coats of Zoya Apple to get an opaque look, and topped it all off with a-England The Shield.  I even included a macro shot because I couldn’t pass it up…  Check out that hint of sparkle!

zoya-apple-macroAnd I’m going to switch things up, for now.  Moving into sun photos next, because they’re gorgeous and now I’m giving sneak peeks before the full article if you’re browsing from the main blog!
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Husband Picks Another Polish: Colors by Llarowe True Colors


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Happy Friday, guys!  Yesterday Ben and I bummed a ride with my grandparents to a place that’s a couple hours away and went on the hunt for some polish goodies with our friend Drea.  While we came home empty handed from polish (Zoya Monet and OPI Sheer Tints, why do you hide?!), I got some pretty new MAC lipsticks.  Woohoo for me!  Also, it looks like the blog’s name transition is all working nicely now, so there shouldn’t be any issues with this post!  It should be uninterrupted polish picture goodness, so get settled in and enjoy.

When Ben ordered a few Colors by Llarowe goodies for me, he picked out some real stunners!  Today’s color is True Colors and it’s a rich purple linear holo, and has that same crazy holo power of my previous post of Good Fortune.  I love that when I look at her holos I can pretty much count through the rainbow colors like a kid. “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet…”  Yep, good ol’ ROYGBIV keeps me on track to this day.  True Colors once again applied with ease, and the formula leveled out nice and smooth despite me painting with only one contact in last night.  For the swatches below I used one coat of a-england The Knight for my base and two thin coats of True Colors.  The coverage is great but if you’re looking for an even deeper purple, shoot for three coats or a thicker second coat.  I sorta wound up with thicker coats on my right hand (go figure), and it seemed to have that darker effect as a result.  It could also be that I’m crazy lost in my own head.

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Growing Pains, AKA Mary’s Mistakes

Hello again, a bit quicker than I’d expected!  Somehow in my excitement to get the new blog look and name going, there seemed to be some issues with the pictures from yesterday’s post.  Since I know the main focus here IS on the photos, I wanted to let everyone know this should be fixed.  So sorry about yesterday, and rest assured that you may now enjoy the goodness that is Colors by Llarowe Good Fortune.  New blog post with a new color coming soon and hopefully everything is getting smoothed out now.  Be sure and let me know if I’ve failed you guys in any other ways so I can fix it, haha! ;)


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