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I want to begin today’s blog post by saying that I’m in an absolutely fabulous mood!  This morning I managed to snatch up my polish from the Dollish Polish restock, yay!  Doctor Who inspired colors on my nails will be amaaaaaaazing.  I also had a great evening with friends at the local coffee house yesterday, full of laughter and silliness and jokes among the Heathers.  Seriously, the only way to improve on nights out like that is to have Ben along for the ride…  I can’t wait until he’s here for good!

Speaking of Ben, we’re taking a bit of a break from my Butter London polish love (which will be returning on Monday, seeing as that’s the last day for the sale, since it was extended!) to share a polish he bought for me.  Greatest boyfriend ever!  And add to that the fact that he always picks out really marvelous shades and I’m a spoiled, lucky girl.  Today’s selection is Enchanted Polish Ola Rio, part of her Big City Lights collection of color shifting glitters.  Ola Rio is a multichrome glitter in a clear base that shifts a wide range of colors, from a deep rich purple, to a magenta, hot pink, golden orange, yellow, and a hint of a bright green.  It’s so fabulous!  I felt like I had a phoenix on my fingertips when I wore it, bursting to life in a dramatic flair of colors.  Check out this macro shot to see nearly the full spectrum!

Because Ben polishes are always special to me, I didn’t want to swatch away so much that I used up my bottle, but I also wanted to showcase the look layered over a dark base and when used alone.  Hence, today’s swatches have my accent nail with Ola Rio (4 coats!), and the other nails with a base.  I used one coat of Seche Clear, one coat of a-england Ophelia for the dark base, one coat of Enchanted Polish Ola Rio for the non-accent nails, and a topcoat of Seche Vite.

In the sun…  I like these to show the rich colors!
And the shade…  These are my personal favorites, I love how clear the multichrome shifts show up in this lighting!  I’d recommend viewing these at full size to catch the full details of it. ♥
Once again, Ben picked out a truly fabulous color for my nails!  I squeed a little when I got this in and immediately tried it out.  As usual, Enchanted Polish did not disappoint.  The formula was delightful, with great coverage in one coat and rich vibrant colors.  Surprisingly, Ola Rio is still available for purchase through Llarowe!  Leah Ann will also be receiving a new shipment of Enchanted Polish around November 15th, so keep an eye out for goodies at Llarowe.  Enchanted Polish is also sold at Harlow & Co. and Mei Mei’s Signatures, and she’s recently opened her own shop at EnchantedPolish.com!  This is pretty awesomely exciting because her first restock listed some discontinued beauties, giving you a chance to snatch one up if you missed it before!  You can stalk out her facebook page for updates and to find out about upcoming products and restocks.

Hope you all enjoyed this pretty lacquer!  Also, I’ve been pondering the idea of skipping my indoor polish shots in favor of focusing on photos in prettier lighting, i.e. sunlight and in the shade.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this!  Have a great weekend and I’ll be back Monday to continue my Butter London obsession. ♥