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Hello all your dedicated lovelies who follow my blog!  I know I’ve been away for a very long time now, but I think I may finally be making a return.  I got very busy towards the end of last year with working retail during the holidays and never quite found the time (nor the proper weather!) to work on my blog.  I have, however, been getting loads of pretty new polishes to share with you and I’ve had all sorts of big changes in my life.  Ben will be here in a few more months, we filed for a fiancé visa in February and now it’s time to wait for that to be approved.  Then we can get married and start our life together!  I’ve also began working out every day, and I’ve almost finished my first run through of P90X.  I started back in January because I’d like to be slimmed down and in shape for my wedding this summer!  Bride bod, here I come, haha!  I’ll be starting week 12 out of 13 on Sunday, and then going for round two.  So far I’ve managed to lose a little more that 27 pounds, which is very exciting but I still have a long way to go to reach my goal.  I used to be a tiny thing in both height and weight when I rode horses and was in athletics in school, but I’ve really struggled with weight since I was in the later years of high school and college.  I can definitely tell a difference at this point and I’m smaller than I’ve been in years, but reaching my goal is going to take a bit longer.  However, now that the weather is getting back to being beautiful and pleasant, I figured I may have things under control enough to begin blogging again!

It only figures that my return to blogging would share an Enchanted Polish!  I didn’t think about the fact that the polish I’d swatched was a very rare limited edition one until after I’d taken and edited pictures, though.  Please don’t hate me too much!  It may be possible to find someone who snatched up two bottles (like I did, though one was for Drea and has already been claimed ♥) and make a trade though, if you’re as crazy in love with it as I was.  The mystery polish I speak of is Enchanted Polish February 2013!  Chelsea has decided to make a special limited edition polish each month and so far they’ve been lovely holo multichromes, which seems to be her true talent.  I can’t get over how she manages to make so many unique multichromes with that fabulous holo finish, and I think I need ALL of them.  Collect ALL the Enchanteds!  *does a fist pump in the air*  Anyways, what I love about February 2013 is the depth and richness behind it.  This polish flashes from green, to a wine or berry shade, to magenta, orange, and golden shades.  And behind it all, there’s a darkness that tends to lurk around the edges of your nails when the light hits it, giving an almost ombre faded effect.  I love the dark and moody look to this polish!  As with all of my Enchanted polishes, this one applied like a dream, smooth and very self-leveling.  I used one coat of a-england The Knight as a base coat and two coats of February 2012.  I skipped the top coat for now because I badly need to order some more a-england The Shield.  It’s the only one of my topcoats I’ve used so far that doesn’t try to nom up on the holo effect of my polishes, but part of that could be that my other topcoats tend to be of the fast drying variety.  Either way, I don’t think this polish needed it, but I may give it another shot whenever I get my hands on The Shield again!  Enjoy the mass of pictures, I never can resist taking several when I have a color-shifting polish.

EnchantedPolish-February2013-Indoors In the shade…  I love the color shifts you can capture in the shade!
And in the sun!  Check out all the pretty colors with that holo love. ♥
EnchantedPolish-February2013-SunEnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun2 EnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun3 EnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun4 EnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun5 EnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun6 EnchantedPolish-February2013-Sun7

So there’s the glory of Enchanted Polish February 2013!  My friend Lyssa recently moved into the same apartment complex and I’ve been trying to get her hooked on my polish obsession…  In her words, Enchanteds are very sparkly!  I think it’s a pretty spot on description, and I’m so darned in love with her work that I snatched up 4 more polishes from Chelsea on her launch for Tuesday.  If you want to pick up some yourself, you can buy Enchanted Polish directly through Chelsea from EnchantedPolish.com, and also sign up to receive newsletters.  She only releases the monthly limited editions here and the newsletter emails notify you of upcoming launches, so it’s pretty fantastic if you’re a nut like I am!  You can also purchase Enchanted Polish at Llarowe, Harlow & Co. and Mei Mei’s Signatures, and follow Chelsea’s Facebook through… well, Facebook.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and with luck and a little time I should be able to get back to a regular posting schedule. I missed sharing pretty polish with all of you!  And this weekend, I’ll be insanely busy.  I’m going to see a Matchbox Twenty concert with my lovely Drea and my fabulous Stephanie!  If you guys are lucky, I may share a concert photo or two with my next blog post, haha.  Oh Rob and the boys, I shall see you soon.  ♥  Until next time, take care and stay lacquered! ♥

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